Oct'17 Halloween Ball


Saturday 28th October 2017



Oct'17 Halloween Ball


Saturday 28th October 2017


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On the corner of leafy Portman Square stands the House,

where in the 18th Century lived the Countess Elizabeth, rich from her merchant father, widowed by her spouse.

Renowned for her lavish balls and irascible behaviour,

she earned the nicknamed “The Queen of Hell” by her acquaintances and disgruntled neighbours.

On the dark night of 28th October 1784,

The Queen of Hell opened the grand doors for a Ball once more.

Candles lit the dance floor and the sound of the Orchestra bellowed around the ballroom echoing throughout the streets of the town.

Gentlemen arrived at the Ball in their finest silk brocade waistcoats, the ladies in their elegant gowns.

Wine in hand, waltzing across the dance floor, Elizabeth caught the eye of an intruder disappearing into the crowd.

Enraged, she released the grasp of her dance partner and fled the ballroom in search of the intruder, shouting to her servants “He must be found!”

She plummeted over the banister, and tumbled down the spiralled staircase to the foot.

Some say she lost her balance, but notorious for her bad behaviour, rumour has it she was pushed!

There she lay at the foot of the staircase, motionless, with the stem of her wine glass still clutched in her bloodied hand.

Her guests gathered around, but no one could save The Queen of Hell, not one servant or man.

Blood gushed from her head flooding the floor.

And there she rose to go to Hell forevermore….

…Except for one night each year, The Queen of Hell returns to the House that she so suddenly left.

Beware as you enter on the anniversary of her death,

because there The Queen of Hell taunts you unwelcome Guests.

Which one of you brought her to take her last breath?