Just let us know your coupon code and stuff and we'll register you for the event you purchased. Make sure you bring along a proof of purchase (your coupon & electronic receipt is fine) as well as a original passport of driving license (for the door staff) :-)

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All our venues have a minimum age policy. Some are 18+, some are 21+. Please double check the terms and conditions. You will be ID'd at the door too, so don't forget to bring that along, you don't look as old as you think you do :-D
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Every month or so, we put together a little gathering of friends, performers and musicians to make a special night we are proud to call our own. We think of those in our club as family, and like family, family comes first. To that end, we have created our exclusive members list. When you apply, you not only apply become part of one of the most excellent drinking clubs in London, you are also letting us look after you by making sure you are the first to know when we create our next special night, giving you special members pricing to all our future events, and even looking out for you on your birthday :-)